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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Global Consumer Electronics Industry analysis 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2018: Industry Analysis, Overview, Research and Development - Market Research Reports.Biz

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Consumer Electronics Industry
Consumer Electronics Industry
Market Research Reports.Biz
Consumer electronics industry is involved in making a range of electronic devices which can be intended for home use or for professional use. This industry is a booming industry which is responsible for making electronic devices such as home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, computer devices, etc. Technological advancements have led to a blurred line between consumer products and professional products. However, the products especially made for professionals tend to be more expensive and specialized for the needs of professionals from that specific field. Typically, this industry is focused on manufacturing telecommunication gadgets such as wireless phones and portable communication devices.

Consumer electronics are responsible for raising the standard of living and comfort of the growing population. They have helped to connect people with each other. They have also helped to enrich life and made tedious daily tasks easier.

Consumer ElectronicProducts
The consumer electronics market boasts a huge range of products. These electronics are something simple from using an electric toothbrush in the morning to using a high-powered personal computer. The market is segmented according to products into seven categories which are video equipment, high-definition consumer electronics, television market, audio products, computer products, telecom equipment, and home appliances.

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Video Equipment: Video equipment consists generally of a camera which is used to capture images or videos. Video cameras are used primarily to feed real time images directly to a screen. Some of the products which fall under this category include professional video cameras, camcorders, and pocket video cameras.

Television Market: Television is a telecommunication medium which is used for transmitting and receiving motion pictures and sound. The television sets are currently available with different technologies. Some of the TV sets by technology are LCD TV, PDP TV, OLED TV, and CRT TV.

High-definition Consumer Electronics: High-definition television is high in demand in the market. HDTV or high definition television can broadcast through both types of signals which are digital and analog. The quality is better with digital which is generally the preferred medium.

Audio Products: Audio equipment refers to any electronic device which is designed primarily to reproduce, process, or record sound. Some product examples of audio equipment include radio receivers, microphones, AV receivers, tape recorders, CD players, mixing consoles, and loudspeakers.

Telecom Equipment: Telecommunications equipment is hardware which is used for the purpose of telecommunications. Some examples of product from this category include analog switches, digital switches, optical fiber, communication satellites, mobile phones, modems, fax machines, routers, pagers, answering machines, etc.

Computer Products: Computer products refer to the hardware products of a computer which are basically parts or components of a computer system. Some of these parts are monitors, keyboard, mouse, hard drives, graphics card, chips, motherboard, etc.

Home Appliances: These are electrical devices which help to accomplish household tasks quickly and more efficiently. Some examples of home appliances include CD players, DVD players, air conditioners, food processors, waffle irons, coffee makers, etc.

Global Market Outlook
Consumer electronics industry was affected due to the economic downturn, but now it has become stable and is steadily growing. Currently, the industry is going through a modest growth phase. However, it is soon expected to grow massively in the coming next years. This is because the growing demands of people who want a better standard of living. Consumers are more focused on the comfort these devices provide, rather than the cost of the devices.

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